As UMDE Shipping Ltd. Co, we are the representative company for the several major Classification Societies in maritime sector. Our qualified surveyors are fully authorised to inspect/audit any type of vessels of ship owners/manager as an exclusive surveyors and issue statutory certificates on behalf of the clasification socities in All Turkish Ports, Black Sea, Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea and East Mediterranean region.

We are representative of 8 Classification Socities and 17 flags for issuing statutory certificates on behalf of them. We have very good relationships with the other flags and classification societies , moreover, we are being authorised by the other flags and classes day by day.

We are fully recognized by;

1- China Corporation Register of Shipping (CRS)
2- Compania Nacional de Registro E Inspection De Naves, S.De.R.L.(CONARINA)
3- Intermaritime Certification Services S.A. (INCS)
4- Qualitas Register of Shipping (QRS)
5- H.I.N.S.I.B.
6- Panama Register Corporation (PRC)
8- Honduras Maritime Inspection In. (HMI)

1- Belize
2- Bolivia
3- Cambodia
4- Comoros
5- Dominica
6- Ecuador
7- Honduras
8- Mongolia
9- Nigeria
10- Panama
11- Sierra Leone
12- Tanzania
13- Togo
14- Vanuatu
15- Venezuela

Cross Table for Recognizations of
Classification Societies by Flags

(CRS) : China Corporation Register of Shipping CONARINA
(INCS)Intermaritime Certification Services, S.A.
(QRS)Qualitas Register of Shipping
H.I.N.S.I.B. Horizon Ưnternational Naval Survey Inspection Bureau
(PRC)Panama Register Corporation
(HMI)Honduras Maritime Inspection Inc.

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