The Panama Ship Registry has the largest Registry of Vessels worldwide. For decades, maritime operators everywhere have chosen to register their vessels of all types, including tankers, fishing boats, cargo vessels or yachts, in the Panamanian Merchant Marine due to its prestige and confidentiality in the International Maritime Commerce.

The advantages of Ship Registration in Panama are well known: reasonable registration fees, no income taxes on maritime commercial activities abroad, no restrictions in relation to the property or the age of vessels which can be registered by any person, natural or juridical, no matter the nationality or domicile, and imposition of encumbrances by means of a trustworthy and fast procedure, to mention some of the main advantages.

Our Firm has had an intense and permanent activity in services related with registration of vessels in the Panama Registry. Likewise, during all its years of practice, our staff has offered registration in other jurisdictions besides Panama, in order that its clients and correspondents always have options for registration of vessels in Belize, Bolivya, Honduras and other jurisdictions according to their needs.

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